Why should you do a self-love portrait session?

You've got so much to do every day. You are running off of a never ending to do list, working, running a side business, cooking, doing shopping, meeting family and friends, juggling kids calendars and the like...There's not much time left for YOU. And time goes by really fast...

Make yourself a promise..you will prioritize YOURSELF...because you deserve it.

A 'Self-Love' session will boost your confidence, allow you to see yourself with different eyes and help you fall in love with YOURSELF all over again.

The nitty gritty.....

You choose the location & time. It can be up to 45mins with multiple outfits. Wear that red ruby woo (iykyk) lipstick and put yourself first.

I'll offer as little or as much help as you need styling and posing for this shoot.